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Journey to the Arabic language

I have always been fascinated by languages; growing up in a bi-lingual background, I have always seen my background as an advantage, speaking another language and understanding another culture.

So why did I choose Arabic? Many reasons come to mind; the ability to understand the Qur’an, speak a language which is spoken in several countries, my interest in learning a classical language, with a rich history of culture and art.

Arabic is not an easy language; its rich vocabulary is astounding, but also difficult to learn at an early stage. Its grammar and its many idiosyncracies is difficult to comprehend. However, once you get immersed in the language, it is without doubt a fascinating language.

To truly understand the language, one has to master both the Classical, modern and colloquial. Only by extensive reading of both classical and modern texts and speaking a colloquial dialect of Arabic can one truly understand the beauty of Arabic; extensive practise and a willingness to learn are key to learning and appreciating this great language.