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from Morocco to Egypt

Arabi Center for Arabic Studies, Alexandria

Dear student,
Hope you are doing well and everything is good with you
As for as Arabic course and Tajweed we arrange you schedule, but the
minimum hours you can take 30hrs for Arabic, and about tajweed it will be
15 hrs
so the total hours will be 45hrs ( 30 Arabic + 15 Tajweed )

Regarding the hotel we will book for you single room with breakfast which
is 300$ per month
but please send us the date you will arrive to arrange with the hotel

As for as the pick you up from the airport please fill the attachment form
to arrange your pick up service.

Warm regards
Public Relation Director


بخصوص: TAFL Courses starting in September?

—– Forwarded Message —–
Sent: Thursday, 7 March 2013, 8:07
Subject: بخصوص: TAFL Courses starting in September?

Many thanks for your interest in the tafl center

our courses divided as follows:

one year course
from sep till may
16 hours per week
four days a week
cost 3400$

one semester
from sep till December
16 hours per week
4 days a week
cost 1700$

second semester
from January till may
16 hours per week
4 days a week

Looking forward to meeting you

TAFL Center
Student Events Organizer

University of Alexandria

I decided to go to Alexandria for my year abroad: most of my fellow students decided to go to Damascus for obvious reasons. The historical significance of the city, proximity to fellow Levantine countries like Jordan and Lebanon. But I decided to go to Alex; why? Alexandria is Egypt’s most populous city (behind the metropolis that is Cairo). It is located next to the Mediterranean Sea, which was a big benefit for me, as I love living near sea. Alexandria is a beautiful city, a city which I love and admire.

My time at Alexandria University was brilliant; all of the teachers, from Modern Standard Arabic to Translation to Literature were excellent. If you had any query or suggestion, they were more than happy to provide detailed answers.

My teachers at Alexandria University and SOAS urged me to practise Egyptian Colloquial Arabic every day; this can only be done by making several Egyptian friends and immersing yourself in the culture; for me that was playing backgammon in poor districts of Alexandria with Egyptian friends, drinking mint tea, smoking cigarettes and listening to Umm Kulthum. Watching Egyptian movies every day is a great help too. My year abroad in Alexandria is the main reason why I enjoyed and succeeded in Arabic.